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Welcome to our new website and to our new blog! We’re a little sad to see our old faithful wedding photography website go but we’re also excited to be launching a fresh new look and branding.

Our original blog was back in 2006, when we shot our very first wedding. Blogging was in its hey day back then and for some reason it feels like I had much more time and I was definitely much more regular at blogging our wedding photography and portrait sessions! Hopefully this fresh new site is going to be the kick in the proverbial behind to help me blog more!

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While you’re visiting our site, we’d love for you to get to know us especially if you’re considering us as your wedding or portrait photographers so have a read of our About Us page! Very briefly … we are Sofie & Paul. We have been married for 25 years … no, that’s not a numerical typo and yes, these are recent photos of us! Paul loves to windsurf and I spend far too much time in front of the computer editing photos! We adore dogs and if we didn’t travel so much we’d probably have at least two dogs! We travel as much as our schedule & our finances allow … I believe everyone should travel as much as they can! The knowledge, experiences and memories gained from travelling are priceless. The cameras, quite obviously, go everywhere with us. And as cliche as this sounds and I’m sure you’ve read it on every other wedding photographer’s site you’ve visited … we love our job! 🙂

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We’ve worked in the professional wedding & portrait industry for many years and have photographed weddings in many destinations such as United Kingdom, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Italy & Hawaii. Meeting new people is such a highlight of our work and we’re still in touch with couples who we photographed 10 years ago! We also photograph a lot of surf and windsurfing photography. Spring is a particularly busy time for us and you’ll find us working at the water’s edge with some of the largest windsurfing brands in the industry such as Goya, Quatro, Naish, Maui Fin Company, Fanatic and many more.

Paul & I thoroughly enjoy island life on Maui and count our blessings every day that we’ve been able to pursue our dreams and make our recent, long overdue, move to Hawaii. We really don’t need reminding just how fortunate we are to have jobs we love and that our photography work can literally go wherever we go!

Now you know a little about us, we want to know a lot about you and your partner, your upcoming wedding or your portrait photoshoot ideas! Please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can discuss your wedding day photography or to arrange your portrait session with us!

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