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Maui Beach Wedding | Makena Cove | Victor & Bea

We were delighted to capture Victor & Bea’s Maui beach wedding photography and then a few months later we were in Spain photographing their big, fat Spanish wedding! While they were on Maui, they had an intimate beach wedding ceremony at one of the most beautiful beaches in Wailea, Makena Cove. It was a pleasure to be there to document some special moments for them and their tears of happiness as they said i do. Makena Cove is a small beach which has become popular for weddings on Maui due to it’s incredible beauty. Victor and Bea set aside some extra time for their photographs before and after the ceremony.

This extra photography time, especially for some special moments between the bride and groom, is something we always recommend to our clients so we can capture some relaxed ‘wow’ images rather rushing through a quick 10 minute couple’s session. We can work with you and your wedding day schedule to work out where you can set aside time for these all-important images. We were shortlisted in the top 10 of the Wedding Category in 2016 as Hasselblad Master’s Finalists with some of Victor & Bea’s Maui beach wedding photography.

As Maui wedding photographers we count our blessings every day! We have a job we love, we get to work on the beach and on top of that how many people can say they work with clients on one of the happiest days of their lives?! Not only do we have Maui as the stunning backdrop to our wedding photography but we get to witness & photograph some of the most romantic and beautiful wedding days. To be commissioned as someone’s wedding photographer is a great responsibility and such an honor.



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