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We capture a wide variety of photography sessions on Maui. These range from wedding photography, couples photography and family photography. We also photograph many special occasions such as pre-wedding photography sessions, babymoons, engagements, anniversaries, proposals and post wedding photo sessions. Maui is a popular destination for all of the above! In fact, the number of weddings throughout the State of Hawaii in 2018 was just under 23,000!

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Post-Wedding Photo Session

One other session you may have heard of is post-wedding photography or after wedding photo sessions. These usually take place a few days after a wedding. The bride and groom dress up in their wedding attire and head out to a location which is different to their wedding day location. The photo shoot is relaxed and has no wedding day time-constraints. It’s a great opportunity to create some memorable and stunning images.

We particularly enjoy these sessions because by this point the bride and groom are completely comfortable with us as we’ve already spent an entire wedding day with them! The post-wedding photo session has been an ever growing trend especially since the Trash The Dress craze began. One little known fact about TTD is that I was directly involved in the movement and ran the European side of Trash the Dress. That’s a story for another blog post!

Getting back to the topic in hand, you may well have heard of post-wedding sessions but have you heard of pre-wedding photography? What is pre-wedding photography? Is it just an engagement session?

Maui Hawaii Pre-Wedding Photography
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Maui Wedding Packages

What is a Pre-Wedding Photography Session?

Pre-wedding photography sessions are a trend which began in Asia. It has become a popular session for many couples getting ready to be married. It is often mistaken for an engagement session. Other than the session being a few months before the wedding that’s where the similarities end!

For their pre-wedding photography session, a couple dresses up in wedding attire prior to the wedding day. The couple doesn’t necessarily dress up in the same wedding attire as they would on the day of the wedding. Instead they may have one or two different wedding outfits for their pre-wedding session. The concept is that the couple have a relaxed, stress-free photo session. Their photographer creates some beautiful images of in a variety of locations with no time constraints.

The pre-wedding photography session also enables them to get comfortable with being in front of a camera. It’s even better if the session is with the wedding day photographer so they can get to know each other and build a rapport.

When we take clients on any kind of photo sessions we try to make them feel as relaxed in front of the camera as possible. Although we pose our couples we want them to feel comfortable. Our aim is that the images to look real rather than forced or blatantly staged. Therefore, a pre-wedding photography session is a great way for a couple to ‘practice’ their posing and get a feel for what it’s like to be in front of the camera. Couples very soon slip into photo-shoot mode and are moving and ‘posing’ themselves which is why so many people comment that our images look natural despite being posed.

Wedding days are often hectic and stressful with many time constraints and unfortunately the bride and groom photography may take a backseat. This is why pre-wedding and post-wedding photography sessions are such great ideas! If you’re tight on time on your wedding you may want to consider one of these two options. It’s a special way to spend time alone with your partner and create more beautiful wedding memories and capture some stunning images on Maui.

If you’re curious to see just how it’s done in China have a little look at this You Tube video! There are intricate studio sets and hundreds of wedding gowns to choose from!

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Asian Wedding Photography Maui
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Maui Wedding Photography

Maui Wedding Packages

We have 3 different wedding day packages which are suitable for most weddings on Maui. Having said that, weddings are most definitely not all the same! If you feel you have special requirements, we are happy to discuss those with you. Bespoke packages can be tailor-made to suit your wedding day plans.

We also have options to add in pre-wedding photo sessions or post wedding photo sessions. Get in touch with us to discuss one of these sessions. And if you fancy a 10% discount on your pre or post wedding session, just mention this blog post when you contact us!

Locations on Maui for Pre-Wedding or Post Wedding Photography Sessions

When you think of photography locations on Maui you definitely start the list off with beaches! But where to start with a list of amazing beaches? There are so many! Here are just a few of our favorites:

  • Makena Cove aka Secret Beach aka Pa’ako Cove, South Maui
  • Kanaha Beach Park, Central Maui
  • Ironwoods, West Maui
  • Ho’okipa Beach Park, North Shore Maui
  • Mama’s Fish House, North Shore Maui
  • Ku’au Beach, North Shore Maui
    (not to be confused with Tavares which is now signposted as Ku’au!)
  • Baldwin Beach, North Shore Maui
  • Olowalu, South West Maui

Below are some images and a description of a couple of our favorite locations to give you an idea of what to expect from these spots.

Makena Cove aka Secret Beach, Maui

Makena Cove is one our absolute favorite beach locations for photography. In my opinion, it is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Maui. And I guess a lot of other people agree! When we first came across this beach in the 90’s it used to be called Secret Beach. With the advent of the internet and social media there isn’t much that is secret anymore!

Makena Cove is a very popular location especially for weddings. It is a small beach and can feel crowded but we easily work around any other photo sessions which may be taking place at the same time. It is great for sunset photo sessions but also the soft light for early morning sessions is just as lovely.

Any photo sessions on Maui beaches must have permits from the State of Hawaii. Secret Beach is the last beach on this side of the island for which you can get a permit before the area turns into a conservation area.

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Makena Cove aka Secret Beach
Maui Wedding Photographer
Makena Cove aka Secret Beach
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Makena Cove aka Secret Beach
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Makena Cove aka Secret Beach
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Makena Cove aka Secret Beach

Ku’au Beach, North Shore Maui

Ku’au beach on the north shore of Maui is a quiet, local beach. Its access is tucked away between the houses and should not be mistaken with local surf spot Tavares which has recently been signposted as Ku’au beach. Ku’au beach is a rocky beach with palm trees swaying in the background. On a clear day there is a beautiful view of the West Maui mountains.

Ku’au beach is well suited for early morning sessions particularly in the winter months. Quite often north shore clouds come rolling in during the afternoon. Due to the clouds and sunset direction during winter months it is not suitable for sunset sessions. The sun often gets lost behind cloudy skies over the West Maui mountains and light is lost early in the evening. During summer months with the sun setting further northeast, you have more of a chance to capture a gorgeous Hawaiian sunset.

We love the quietness and emptiness of this particular beach. If you’re shy about posing in front of onlookers this is probably the beach for you! It’s a perfect spot for a quiet pre-wedding photography session.

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Ku’au Beach, North Shore Maui
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Ku’au Beach, North Shore Maui
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Ku’au Beach, North Shore Maui
Maui Wedding Packages
Ku’au Beach, North Shore Maui
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Ku’au Beach, North Shore Maui
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Mama’s Beach

Mama’s Fish House restaurant is one of the most popular places to go for a special occasion meal while you’re visiting Maui. The service and the food is 5 star and there is an old Hawaii ambiance. The restaurant is situated with a view palm trees and a pristine north shore beach.

We recently photographed an elopement here with a wonderful couple who came all the way from Latvia. They tied in their wedding ceremony and couple photos with a lunch reservation at Mama’s Fish House!

The beach is small and we would recommend a secondary location to shoot at. For example, Ku’au or Ho’okipa beach which are neighbouring beaches.

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Mama’s Beach
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Mama’s Beach

Olowalu Beach

Olowalu beach is home to the Olowalu Plantation House. This happens to be an incredibly stunning wedding venue with a strong Hawaiian vibe.

The beach here is rocky and usually fairly quiet. If you turn in the opposite direction to the beach you are astounded by the beauty of the lush West Maui mountains.

Pre-wedding Photography Session
Olowalu Beach
maui engagement photographer
Olowalu Beach
maui engagement photographer
Olowalu Beach
Maui Pre Wedding Photography Session
Olowalu Beach
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Olowalu Beach

Upcountry Maui

Are you looking for something other than the beach as your backdrop? If that’s the case, Upcountry Maui has a vast array of backdrops. The lush green slopes of Haleakala and the forest areas are both wonderful locations.

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Upcountry Maui Photographer
Upcountry Maui Photographer

Get in Touch

Whatever the reason you’re visiting Maui and whatever your photo session is celebrating, we are here to make the planning simple and your photo session a memorable and enjoyable event. Have a look through our website to give yourself an idea of our range of experience and style of images. We encourage you to read the reviews from our clients who have taken time to review us on Google as well as the testimonials on our website. Contact us if you have any questions or to discuss your photography session or your Maui wedding day plans. Paul & I look forward to hearing from you!

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